Buy T-shirt, Give Light

1.3 billion people around the world don’t have access to electricity. In Bangladesh 18.5 million people use toxic kerosene lamp as their primary lighting source. Kerosene lamps burn 2000 million litres of kerosene, which produces around 45000 tons of  toxic carbon dioxide (CO2) and black carbon. Kerosene lamps pose significant health impacts, due both to chronic illness resulting from inhalation of fumes and to risk of injury due to fire. Kerosene lamps also pose safety and fire risks.
We EcoVation Bangladesh under our Project LightGiver our volunteers make water bottle lamp, bamboo bottle solar lamp and streetlights out of used plastic bottle, bamboo, small solar panel, lithium battery and circuit, and distribute them free-of-cost to electricity-deprived areas such as coastal area, island, hill tract areas, slums, and refugee camps. 

Buy two t-shirt, we will  light up 1 family with the profit. Be a LightGiver.

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