Solar light artwork on Bangabandhu: Efforts to create world record

Social entrepreneur Shanjidul Alam will attempt for Guinness World Record for building solar light to raise awareness and action for the millions of people in the Bangladesh and around the world who lack access to clean, affordable energy. The innovation-driven organization EcoVation Bangladesh has a big plan to achieve four World Records by creating the largest solar lamp portrait artwork of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. The Guinness World Record attempt will call on thousands of students and young volunteers to participate in an environmental sustainability lesson, where they will build simple, repairable solar lights that will be rendered into an art installation at the end of the day. “We will engage above 1000 volunteers to make 7000 solar lamps, and make the largest solar artwork in a stadium. And in the stadium, at least 5000 witnesses will be there. We will teach them about renewable energy. The highest number of volunteers made solar lamps, the highest number of solar lamps assembled, and the largest solar artwork, the highest number of people learned about renewable energy, these are the four World Records.

Later these 7000 solar lamps will light up at least 100 of the communities” Founder of EcoVation Bangladesh Shanjidul said.
EcoVation Bangladesh runs a volunteer-run project named Project LightGiver to lit up houses who has no access to electricity by volunteer-made solar lamps and streetlights.