Meet the Changemaker : Salman Saafi

Salman Saafi, a youth from the business capital of Bangladesh, Chittagong. He always aspired to become a changemaker who can bring sustainable change the in the country.

Salman Saafi EcoVation bangladesh

Salman found himself interested in EcoVation Bangladesh’s initiatives when he just joined his university. He got himself involved in LightGiver project as a volunteer, where he volunteered in designing the prototype presentations and demonstrated his strength in engineering design. He later joined us as Engineering intern, where he was part of our Research & Development program in the largest refugee camp in the world Rohingya refugee camp. 

He led the intern team of the particular project who went to do the assessment of renewable energy need in Rohingya refugee camp and came up with a solid need assessment report, based on that we later accelerated our program implementation there.

Salman later got promoted and started working as the Project Lead where he led numerous project at field level and strategic extent. He was involved in programs where we trained hundreds of Rohingya refugee and host community youths on solar product production. 

Salman’s sharp technical and strategic knowledge helped us launch more than 10 projects where we could impact 25,000 disadvantaged peoples’ lives. 

Saalman Saafi EcoVation bangladesh