Project Bishuddha Pani

80% of people in Bangladesh don’t have access to clean water. Bangladesh is surrounded by river & sea. People in low-income families and slums have to drink and use the tainted water. Floods, cyclones, earthquakes and droughts are all common in Bangladesh, causing devastating upheaval to people’s lives. Rural & remote area communities lack access to safe drinking water. Waterborne diseases such as cholera, diarrhea, dysentery, hepatitis A kills around 800 thousand people every year. To address this problem, we need to develop water cleaning systems and avail them to the underprivileged first. With that aim, in 2020 we started Project Bishuddha Pani with designing solar-powered water purification systems. We installed 20+ of those RO systems under Project Bishuddha Pani charity initiative in different public places such as mosques, madrasa, school etc, which ensures clean water for around 50,000 people completely free-of-cost. We covered areas in Teknaf near the Rohingya refugee camp and Chittagong so far. 

We are now designing handheld portable water purification filters that can be used in rural areas to filter water to drink instantly.