Women Empowerment

Women empowerment is the most crucial point to be noted for the overall development of a country. It is all about equipping and allowing women to make life-determining decisions through the different problems in society. It can also be defined by when women are concerned to conquer their right to make decisions for themselves. Women have been treated as non-existent for decades. Women’s empowerment and achieving gender equality is essential for our society to ensure the sustainable development of a country. In SDG5, Gender Equality is mentioned. Many INGOs are working on it. We see Liter of Light Bangladesh is also working to support women by their so many amazing projects. Liter of Light Bangladesh is a research-based social enterprise providing free-of-cost plastic bottle made solar lamps & streetlights to the 35 million people in Bangladesh. Founder, Shanjidul Alam Seban Shaan has started this social enterprise back in 2015 which runs different projects to improve peoples’ living standard with handmade products or devices made by the volunteers under their supervision. They recently worked in Rohingya refugee camp to light up the camp to solve the security problems. Before the new light installations, there was a shortage of power supply that put women and children at risk especially when it is a matter of child-birth. During flood that could be more deadly. To mitigate this problem Liter of Light Bangladesh now partnering up with UN Organizations like WFP, IOM, UN Women UNHCR to run programs to provide solar lamps and streetlights in the camp area and host community. All the lights are made under the program where Rohingyas and host community youths including females. In MyPad project, they train women on how to make sanitary pads with used clothes using sewing kits at home and also spread awareness about menstrual hygiene. Using this production process of these sanitary pads and bottle lights, women can also be self-reliant. Furthermore, in rural areas, women need to collect water from distant tube-wells which is a major concern for their health and it is also very time consuming. Liter of Light is executing project Bisuddha Pani (purified water) by which they install and do maintenance of water purifying filtering system in the school, madrasa, mosque and similar social community places free-of-cost which can mitigate this problem and they will be able to use their valuable time in more productive works instead of wasting in collecting water. More precisely, in their LightGiver project, their volunteers light up a whole community like a refugee camp, slum, coastal area, hill tract area, island, etc. They lit up at least one locality free-of-cost every month. They so far lit up more than 6000 peoples’ lives directly. Liter of Light is also running project Yardfishing, where they help by training on biofloc fish farming. So basically Liter of Light is providing women with many opportunities of being self dependent. Liter of Light Bangladesh is working to achieve the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals, precisely SDG7, SDG9, SDG11 & SDG17. On 28 October 2020, they received a Startup Award from United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and Citi Foundation, for UN’s SDG focused social enterprise. Moreover, Shanjidul Alam Seban is nominated for Forbes 2019 Asia list for his incredible ways of helping people.

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